About Us

Bleeker unlocks your extraordinary

For the last decade, Bleeker has unlocked extraordinary outcomes in individuals and companies. Through coaching, consulting, and community-building, we help people do amazing work, we help companies create better places to work, and produce meaningful social impact solutions.

Our Values

Be Diverse

We believe in the power of diversity to unlock extraordinary outcomes; diversity of thinking, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background and belief. Achieving and maintaining diversity isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort.


We believe in shaping organizational systems that trust people to operate with autonomy. We believe in practices and capabilities that empower people to feel in control of their actions, masters of their fates.

Be Transparent

We believe in the extraordinary importance of earning and maintaining trust in creating diverse and equitable organizations, relationships, and ecosystems. Mutual transparency is essential to building and sustaining a culture of trust.

Symbiotic Ecosystem

We believe in creating organizational and community ecosystems where the individual contributions of many accrue value to the whole; where participant interactions are mutually beneficial and strengthen the entire ecosystem.

Be Equitable

We believe in the shift from distributive equity to relational equity; the right to meet as equals, regardless of where you are coming from or going to.

Evolutionary Purpose

We believe in shaping organizational systems that recognize the importance of balancing purpose with performance. We believe in equipping people with the tools and practices to identify and embrace their evolutionary purpose.


We believe in shaping organizational systems that embrace the differences among their people; that encourages people to show up as their whole selves. We believe in equipping people to speak their truth; to tame their ego and tap into the essential part of who they are.


We believe in the importance of creating solutions that place the human experience at the center. Broadly exploring, challenging biases and leading with empathy are essential to creating effective human-centered solutions.

Meet The Team

The Bleeker principals who are committed to helping people achieve their extraordinary life’s work.

Co-Founder + Principal

Cam Snaith

Cam is an entrepreneur who’s obsessed with empowering individuals to make their own path in the world. He was the founder and founding chairman of Giving Opportunities To Others, a youth-focused non-profit in the arts. He has worked as a marketing professional at PepsiCo and the National Basketball Association and is currently a Research Affiliate with the MIT Media Lab’s Social Computing group. Cam was born in Hamilton, Bermuda and received his MS in Strategic Communication from Columbia University, and an AB in English from Princeton University.

Co-Founder + Principal

Jay Liddell

Jay’s prior career tour-of-duty includes work as mechanical engineer and project manager in the alternative-energy space, structuring and management roles in fixed-income derivatives, and as a founding member and Chairman of Giving Opportunities To Others, a youth-focused arts non-profit. To inspire his work at Bleeker, Jay is a Research Affiliate in the Social Computing group at the MIT Media Lab, races bicycles and plays with LEGO™. Born and raised in Pickering, Ontario, Jay received his B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


Angie McArthur

Before joining Bleeker in 2016, Angie was integral to Professional Thinking Partner’s growth and success for two decades and served as its CEO. A recent co-author of two books for Random House–Collaborative Intelligence and Reconcilable Differences–she serves as an executive Thinking Partner to a range of clients from the C-suite to entrepreneurs and creatives, helping them develop and align with their talents so they can effect meaningful change. With an expertise and passion for communication and intellectual diversity, she is part of the Random House Speaker’s Bureau and has supported individuals, leadership teams, and organizations over two decades to collaborate and excel. Angie received her B.A. in communications theory from McGill, is a certified Mindfulness meditation teacher, and lives in Park City, Utah where she can often be seen on a bike, skis, or kiteboard.


David Peck

Before merging Professional Thinking Partners with Bleeker in 2019, Dave helped run PTP since 1995 and served as managing partner and COO. Dave is fascinated by technology and has designed and produced various software and web applications and training videos over the years that support various training initiatives. He is also a co-founder of SmartWired, an educational initiative using PTP’s methodology to support youth and parents/educators in understanding their unique talents. A competitive athlete and frequent contributor to outdoor sports publications, Dave continues to search for new ways to incorporate the lessons of flow and peak physical performance into the workplace.

A few of the Thinking Partners who coach Bleeker’s clients and community members through inquiry and insight.


Bryan Droznes

Bryan has more than fifteen years’ experience starting businesses in the outsourcing, industrial and non-for profit spaces and also a corporate background in management consulting and investment banking. Bryan is an Industrial Engineer from ITBA and has an MBA from Stanford Business School.


Georgi Abelenda

Georgi is a serial entrepreneur who created businesses and corporate educational programs focused on highlighting and reinforcing individuals’ natural talents. A native Argentinian with a multicultural background, Georgi received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and is currently supporting a diverse range of clients from investment professionals to marketing and operations specialists to educational leaders.

Thinking Partner


Author of What Makes That Black? The African-American Aesthetic in American Expressive Culture, Luana has specific expertise in cultural intelligence, explicit / implicit bias, and art criticism / composition. Working as a professor and performing artist for 30 years, Luana honed skills in active listening, complex problem solving, critical/creative thinking, public speaking, diverse learning, systems analysis, writing and leadership. She holds an M.A. from Mills College.

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