Building great places to work

Building a great place to work is hard.

  • “My leadership team is fragmented, can you help bring them together?”
  • “We’re not hiring, retaining, or advancing enough diverse talent. Is it our culture? Our systems?”  
  • “We need to develop the next leaders in our company–they’re each stretched too thin, and everyone is stressed.”

Never before have companies demanded so much from individuals and the teams they work with. Leaders today are confronted with vastly different challenges from the ones of their predecessors, who were taught how to be right but not how to be effective with other people.

Bleeker combines three unique resources to deliver consistent results to our clients:

Thinking Partners

Collaborative Intelligence


The Bleeker Solution

Our Clients

A selection of the teams who trust Bleeker to create great workplaces.

For the last decade, companies with leaders who are committed to creating great workplaces have partnered with Bleeker to support their vision. We have partnered with leaders driving organizational change in private equity, agriculture, technology, education, asset management, entertainment, retail, reinsurance and more. We have partnered with decades-old, multi-billion dollar household brands, months-old, pre-revenue upstarts and everything in between. What Bleeker clients have in common is the leadership commitment to creating a great place to work.

How We Build Great Places to Work

Bleeker creates more more diverse, equitable, and inspiring workplaces through four interconnected practices:



Training and developing current and future organizational leaders through individual and group coaching programs, team workshops and tailor-made solutions.



Retaining and advancing your most essential talent through diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions.



Identifying and hiring elusive talent through executive recruiting, talent assessment, interviewing services.



Advising and consulting on talent-related challenges, including people strategy, organizational design strategy, and culture strategy.

Interested In Learning More?

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