Building solutions for change

Our Social Impact Approach

Bleeker incubates social impact solutions that address the systemic challenges we encounter while supporting our companies and individuals.

These solutions combine deep insights from our diverse community with the decades-long practical experience of our partners to produce thoughtful, effective solutions.

Our Solutions for Change

Here are some of the solutions we’ve designed in pursuit of greater social impact:



BIPOC executives are far less likely to have access to the same external resources (advisors, mentors, coaches) as other employees and this likely plays a hidden role in burnout, performance gaps, and retention challenges. Collective+ surrounds our clients’ BIPOC execs with the comprehensive support that begins to bring balance to this inequity.

e99 Ventures

e99 Ventures

Surrounding the very best Black, Latinx, and women founders with the essential resources to unlock success, this program unlocks greatness in entrepreneurs typically overlooked by advisors and investors.

Bleeker Advocate Program

Bleeker Advocate Program

In workplaces striving for greater equity and inclusion, creating an environment where all employees feel safe and secure in voicing their ideas for improvement is essential. The Bleeker Advocate is a trusted partner in achieving this goal.

Coalition for Racial Equity in the Workplace


A diverse collection of leaders who are committed to anti-racist action. This Coalition connects business leaders and equips them with a racial equity blueprint; a roadmap for upholding racial equity as a core organizational value and bringing about meaningful systemic change throughout their communities.

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